Twisted Churn Dash

4 thoughts on “Twisted Churn Dash

  1. Peggy Cassen

    Hi Mary,
    I am looking for the pattern for the Twisted Churn Dash quilt, our QOV group is always looking for a new quilt to make. This pattern looks great and different and since we are fairly new quilters something we can do. We are planning on giving this quilt in May at our local service for the vets. If you could send me the pattern our group is greatful.

    Glory Quilters Boydton, VA


  2. Joyce Reed

    I know how to make the basic churn dash block, but I need help with instructions on how to make it “twisted”. I can’t find the instructions for sizes to cut on your site. Thanks. Would love to make this one of my QOV standards.


  3. Marge

    Hi Mary
    I just came across your Twisted Churn dash quilt an I am looking for a new patter to use for my next QOV quilt and I like this look would love to try it
    How can I get the pattern


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