Happy Blocks for HeartStrings

Happy Blocks were a special project for HeartStrings. Instructions for making the blocks are below.

Block size is 8 inches finished (8.5 with seam allowances)

First, I pulled a variety of bright fabrics that read fairly solid. Framing strips will be cut 2.5 inches wide.


Novelty fabrics for the block centers were cut into 4.5 inch squares.


I auditioned the framing fabrics by plopping the novelty square on the folded fabric.


From your 2.5 inch framing strip, you will cut

  • (2) 4.5 inch pieces
  • (2) 8.5 inch pieces


Sew the sides first, press, and then sew the top and bottom.


If your fabrics are directional, you’ll want to alternate sewing your short pieces to the sides and to the top and bottom since you’re going to alternate these blocks so there aren’t seams to line up when you assemble the top.


Set blocks 6 x 8 for a quilt that measures 48 x 64 inches.


Here’s a simple 3 fabric variation. Make sure to follow the instructions above for framing the novelty squares so you can rotate every other block and not have any seams to match up.
 Click here to download a PDF with quilt notes.

12 thoughts on “Happy Blocks for HeartStrings

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  2. Hi!
    I made a similar version for my grandson to be in the “Be A Man” series from ‘Free Spirit’.
    I made rectangular boxes and it turned out great – but I love the smaller box version you
    have made and will make your pattern for my daughter-in-law’s sister who is due in February!
    Thank you – Bonny


  3. Hi Mary! I love your site. i am currently in the hospital on bed rest and my baby will come early. i have been looking for lovely quilt patterns to inspire me as I make him a preemie quilt to cover his isolette, as he will be in the NICU for some time. I have asked all of our friends to donate a swatch of fabric. Thank you for the inspiration. This will be my first quilt and I really enjoyed reading your blog (I may go for a very simple pattern the first time!) Shell


  4. janine ward

    I am looking forward to making one of these to show as a sample for the sew in I am organising.Thanks for another superb pattern and tutorial mary. you truly are a quilting angel. x


  5. Does the HeartString Project only accept Happy Block blocks in a certain month of the year? I’m going to make the blocks but I’m also trying to prioritize what I do.


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