This Jelly Roll friendly quilt is based on an antique quilt found on eBay.


My first version will be multicolored like the quilt above but I plan to make another one in RWB to donate to a veteran. Because I’m using a single background fabric, I will use 32 strips from my Jelly Roll and a little less than 2.5 yards of my background fabric.


Quilt Size = 56 x 72

Block Size = 8 inches finished (8.5 inches with seam allowances)

Blocks are set 7 blocks across and 9 rows down

Quilt Notes

  • Each strip set is made from one blue or red 2.5 inch strip and one 2.5 inch background strip and will make 2 blocks.
  • If using a single background fabric, 2.5 yards should be plenty

You will make 32 BLUE blocks.

Sew a 2.5 inch blue strip to a 2.5 inch background strip and press to the blue. Sub-cut the strip set into (8) segments 4.5 inches each. Arrange 4 segments as show below and sew together, pressing in the direction of the arrows, repeat for the 2nd block.


Following the same steps above, make 31 RED blocks.

Starting with a blue block, alternate blue and red blocks as shown above in the quilt drawing. Since the final seam for all your blocks was pressed up, you will flip the red blocks upside down with the seam going down so your blocks will nestle nicely when assembling the top. This quilt has no borders and is bound in blue.

PDF version to print 

Here’s my finished top

And here’s my finished quilt

Here’s another one … I love these colors!

How about an Autumn inspired version? In this one blocks are set 6 x 8 and a border (cut 4.5 inches) is added.

One more! Can you tell it’s a favorite of mine for using Jelly Rolls?!

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