Log Cabin Hearts

This is a variation of my Strips and Strings Log Cabin quilt. I have not finished my quilt yet but I’m getting lots of questions so I’m going to share some quilt notes here.

These blocks begin with a small appliqué heart block. I’m using this Accuquilt GO Heart die but you can use any heart appliqué that you want. If you don’t have a heart template google coloring book heart or appliqué heart template and see what you find. My heart measures 3 x 4 inches. Here’s one option – ❤️

I’m using Heat and Bond Lite fusible web, size 8 DMC perle cotton, and a size 24 Chenille needle for my appliqué, doing the blanket stitch by hand. You can use any method of appliqué that you want.

This is a string quilt and my background squares are NOT cut all the same size but they are close in size to either (4.5 x 5.5) or (5 x 6) inches. As long as I have a minimum of 0.75 inches on all sides of the appliqué I’m happy. The backgrounds are also cut from a variety of different neutral fabrics ranging from white to cream to beige. My hearts are different shades of red but for the next quilt I make, I’m going to use a variety of colors for the hearts and backgrounds.

Each block has two rounds of strips/strings added before it is trimmed to 10.5 inches. I’m making a Block A and a Block B so that when I go to sew the blocks together I won’t have any seams to match up. I’m also angling my ruler differently when I’m trimming them to 10.5 inches so some will tilt in each direction. The more oversized you make your blocks the more you can tilt them but I don’t like to waste a lot of fabric so my blocks are just large enough to trim at an angle for the most part but because I’m using different size strips some blocks are trimmed more than others. I have a 10.5 inch square ruler so I just plop it down on the block at the angles shown below and trim two sides, flip it over and trim the other two sides.

Use narrower strips on the first round (strips 1 through 4) mine measure about 1.5 – 2 inches wide.
Use wider strips on the 2nd round (strips 5 through 8), mine measure about 2.25 to 2.5 depending on how wide my first round is. I’m finding this round is a great place to use up all those binding leftovers I’ve been saving!

Note that the first round on Block A starts at the top and the bottom of the Heart and on Block B it starts at the sides. This will make it easy when you go to sew the blocks together. You’ll alternate a Block A and a Block B and there will not be seams to match up until you start sewing the rows together.

I plan to make 35 blocks and set them 5 x 7 which will give me a quilt that is 50 x 70. Remember, you can make your hearts and your blocks any size you want. I chose a size that works for me but maybe a 12 inch block with an extra round of strips works for you!

Here are photos of my finished top and the finished quilt.

(C) Mary Johnson – MaryQuilts.com – 2021