9 Patch

As many of my quilts are, this 9 Patch is inspired by an antique quilt seen online.

Quilt Size – 54 x 72

Block Size – 9 inches (9.5 with seam allowances)

Blocks set – 6 across and 8 down = (48) 9 patch blocks


Quilt Notes

My quilt drawing is shown in three fabrics but but I used a variety of yellows and golds along with one black/gold print and a single gray background.

I used both strip sets and 3.5 inch blocks when piecing this quilt. You can use a combination like I did or either method you prefer for making 9 Patch blocks

Pay attention to pressing guidelines in order for your blocks seams to nestle when assembling.

I don’t usually provide fabric requirements but these EQ7 estimates can be used as guidelines. Please understand that they are only provided to give you an general idea. If using a die cutting machine, I always allow for extra fabric.

2 yards total of golds

2 yards of gray

1 yard of black – I used this for accent blocks and my binding


I made strip sets from each of 6 of my yellow and golds. Separating them into 2 piles. Three to be pressed toward the gold and three to be pressed toward the gray.As I was laying out the blocks, I used a 7th gold fabric to make additional blocks. Sometimes this block needed to be pressed toward the gold and sometimes toward the gray so I pieced these from 3.5 inch squares rather than strip sets.

Strips were cut 3.5 inches x WOF (Width of Fabric) The second strip set used just half of three WOF strips.

Cut 3.5 inch sections from strips sets. For each 9 patch block you will need two of the first section and one of the second.  I got 6 blocks from each pair of strip sets.


You can also assemble the 9 patch blocks from 3.5 inch squares.


Regardless of which method you use, half of your blocks (or strips sets) will need to be pressed toward the gray. Pressing is the same whether you use strip sets or squares.


Once the block rows are sewn together, press the seams toward the gray.

Press the other half of the blocks toward the yellow/gold.


Once the block rows are sewn together, press those two seams away from the center section.

My black accent blocks were made last and pressed according to their location in the quilt so there were some pressed toward the black and some toward the gray.  See above drawing to place the black accent blocks.

Paying attention to alternating the blocks pressed toward the gray and those pressed toward the gold or black fabrics when laying out the blocks will ensure your seams nestle nicely when assembling the top.

My finished quilt


Here’s a RWB version. Note – this was my original drawing and after making my gold/gray/black version, I would place the red blocks in the same locations as the black blocks in the quilt above but you can place them randomly in your quilt if you prefer.


(c) Mary Johnson 2016 – MaryQuilts.com

7 thoughts on “9 Patch

  1. Judith Sweet

    Do you have instructions for making a disappearing 9 patch block, measuring 12 and a half inches? This is an option for the 20,000 blocks for 2020, by Quilts of Valor project.


    1. Mary F Coleman

      To get a block 12 1/2 inches cut the squares 4 1/2 inches. There are really good instructions on YouTube. I like patterns by the Missouri Star Quilt Company. If you look at different people, there are a variety of disappearing 9 patch patterns. Have fun.


    2. Tracy Burkart

      Cut your squares 5″ instead of 4-1/2″. Sew the 9 patch. Then down the center both directions. Flip the pieces to form the pattern and sew together.


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