HST – Easy Baby Quilt

Untitled Drawing (1)Quilt Size – 42 x 54

Block Size 6 inches ( 6.5 inches with seam allowances)

Blocks set 7 x 9

Using your favorite method of creating 6 inch finished half square triangles make 63 blocks.

Fabric – I used a set of fat quarters from Connecting Threads and separated my fabrics into two piles, Lights and Darks, using 8 fat quarters of each, I cut FOUR 7 inch squares from the 16 fat quarters. You will not use the entire fat quarter.

I layered two 7 inch squares right sides together – one light and one dark, marked a center line on the back of the light square, and sewed 1/4 inch on either side of the marked line. Then I cut on the marked line between my two sewn lines for two half square triangles. When I remade this quilt a second time, I used my Accuquilt GO 6 inch finished HST die.


NOTE – typically this method would call for you to cut your square 6 and 7/8’s inches but I have a slightly generous seam allowance and always start with a square that is 1 inch larger than the finished size I want rather than 7/8’s inch larger.

NOTE – since I’m turning these blocks every which way, I pressed the seams of the half square triangle blocks open. I then pressed the seams in the quilt to one side or the other as I was assembling the top so they would nestle.

Using the diagram above, arrange your HST blocks and sew together.

My finished top

HST - Baby Quilt

My finished quilt – Big Stitch quilted by hand

Baby HST


A Pink and Purple version also hand quilted in the Big Stitch style. HSTs were cut with my 6 inch finished HST GO die from Accuquilt.

4 thoughts on “HST – Easy Baby Quilt

  1. Anne O'Connor

    Thanks Mary – I had looked at your quilt layout and thought it was 6.5″ blocks but it was so nice to have that confirmed and also the tip about pressing the seam open as I often find rotating a block to fit one’s aesthetics mucks up the pressing plan


  2. charlotte

    Thanks, for your many wonderful quilts. I am always looking for new ideas for more quilts, as I do a lot of donation quilts. Thanks again !!


  3. Joan Good

    Your quilt is very nice , I need to make two baby quilts and this will come in handy , I’m very slow at getting quilts done , but this should be easy to follow, TY


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