7 thoughts on “HeartStrings QAYG Blocks

  1. I just “threw” some quilting scraps away cause I just didn’t want to deal with them–naughty me. I retreived them and I’m going to try a few of these to send to Jay.


  2. marilyn durbin

    hi is jay still makingthe QAYG quilts if so i will be most happy to mak a few blocks for her just tell me who to send them to thank you marilyn


  3. Cleta

    Mary,Thanks for showing us how to do this. I have searched for this method a lot and am thrilled you have it explained here.Blessings to you and yours


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  5. Sharon Jacobs

    I’m so glad the discussion came up on quiltvillechat re string blocks. I have been searching for the heart pattern pictured here. I thought I had seen it in Bonnie’s ‘String Fling’ but was wrong. Please tell me where to find the pattern, I so want to make it for my son.


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