Drunkard’s Path and Circles

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My quilt is 52 x 78
My block size is 13 inches (13.5 with seam allowances)
Blocks are set 4 across and 6 down

I used my Accuquilt GO to cut my Drunkard’s Path blocks and Circles.

Although I intended to make my quilt scrappy I ended up using 4 greens and 4 pinks.

When using my GO die for the Drunkard’s Path blocks, I had to modify my fabric placement from my original design to use my fabric most efficiently. Each cut made 2 centers and two outside wedges.

In each block I used 4 fabrics, a dark and light pink and a dark and light green. I always pressed toward the green fabric. The lights are sewn together and the darks are sewn together — I know this seems backwards but it’s how it worked for me.


Four Drunkard’s Path sections are assembled, I don’t use pins when sewing the curves but I do pin at this point. After sewing the first two sections together, I’m pressing my seam toward the outside green fabric in this step.


It’s important to me that my circles line up – I square all the blocks up so the outside edges are less important than the seams.


You will need 12 of these large Drunkard’s Path blocks. I squared my blocks to 13.5 inches.

Now its time to move on to the circles. My background squares are cut 7 inches and I used the largest circle on my GO die. For each block you will need:
* 2 light green squares
* 2 dark pink squares
* 2 pink circles
* 2 dark green circles

I used fusible web and fused it to the fabric before cutting my circles. Use a lightweight web. After fusing the circle to the background, I stitched around them using a blendy thread and an open zigzag stitch. Pink circles go on the green background and green circles on the pink squares.


Sew 4 circle blocks together like a 4 patch, you should have a light green background in the top left and bottom right.


It’s hard to explain how I laid out my blocks – the easy part is alternating a DP block with a circle block and pressing toward the circles. If you look closely at my quilt — my pinks and greens run in diagonals….so the outside curve of a Green DP block always touches another green and the Pink always touches another pink.

The easiest way to do this is to use two DP blocks that have the dark green in the outer rings in row one. In the next row – use two blocks that have the light green in the outer rings, continue alternating rows like this and your pinks should automatically line up.

If you have everything rotated correctly, the green and pinks should alternate from square to square no matter whether it’s a circle or DP block.

© Mary Johnson 2012 – MaryQuilts.com

Here’s my original EQ7 drawing but I laid it out as described above because when you’re cutting with the Drunkard’s Path die – it’s easiest to lay a piece of fabric over all the cuts so you end up with both the “pie” shape and the “background” shapes from each fabric. You can see in the EQ7 drawing below, my pies are all light green or dark pink and the backgrounds are all dark green or light pink. That wasn’t the case when actually went to make this quilt.

Pink-green Circles and DP

8 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Path and Circles

  1. Janine Ward

    Thanks for sharing Mary. I am definately going to have a go at this.I have a big bag of old jeans that I think I may use for the background blocks.


  2. Francine Epstein


    I have to make this quilt; you have really inspired me to try some new colors! What a happy looking quilt; thank you for sharing your pattern.



  3. Diana

    I am so excited to find your site! I am a new Accuquilt Go owner, and have limited dies. But I have both of these. I’m inspired to try this quilt pattern!


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