RWB Half Square Triangles

Quilt size – 60 x 84
Block size – 12 inches (12.5 with seam allowances)
Blocks set 5 x 7

I’ve drafted the quilt in 3 colors but will make mine scrappy using many different blues, reds, and neutrals


Make 35 blocks

Each block will need 9 half square triangles that finish at 4 inches (4.5 with seam allowances). 6 HSTs will be blue and 3 HSTs will be red.  I used my Accuquilt GO die to cut mine but use whatever method you prefer. Each block is laid out as below but since these are set block to block, pressing is important.


Even though the blocks are all the same, I’m creating a block A and a block B when I press. First – all my half square triangles are pressed toward the dark.

block A – press in the direction of the arrows  


block B – press in the direction of the arrows


Alternate block A with block B and set the blocks 5 across and 7 down.

My finished top



(c) Mary Johnson – 2018 –

My finished quilt.