Ideas for Veteran Quilts

Looking for ideas for a quilt for a veteran? Many of my quilts can be made in Red/White/Blue. Most of these have instruction sheets but some of the links are to EQ7 drawings for quilts that I’ve not yet made or written instructions for them.

RWB Rail Fence and Friendship Stars

Twisted Pinwheels

Chevron Rail Fence

RWB Windmills

RWB Framed 16 Patches


RWB Rectangles

4 Patches on the Diagonal

Framed 9 Patches

5 Stars

Framed 4 Patches

Blue Green Stars

Double 4 Patch

Framed Rectangles


Patriotic Rail Fence

Stars and Pinwheels

Tessellating Pinwheels

Patriotic String Star

HeartStrings – Red Centers

RWB Rails

Churn Dash and Stars

Four Patch Stars

RWB Hourglass

Tswisted Churn Dash

13 thoughts on “Ideas for Veteran Quilts

  1. Judy J

    What a wonderful site for a beginner (me) and top bonus Mary has generously allowed us to have the patterns for free. Not many sites that will do this.
    My heartfelt thanks for your generosity.


  2. Adele Williams, Columbine Quilt Guild

    Mary, thank for the pretty and easy patterns. Our Guild hopes to have several quilts for QOV by our November meeting. I’m sure your patterns will be used on more than one.


  3. Cathy Bertanzetti

    My daughter is in the military and I wanted to thank for all of your quilts of valor you have made and patterns you have shared.


  4. Christine Maher

    Mary thank you for posting these patterns. Our guild along with a few other guilds need 100 quilts to be presented in July in south Florida. I was looking for a fast pattern so I could make 2-3 quilts and I have found it here. Again Thank you.


  5. Donna Taylor

    Mary, thank you for sharing your QOV patterns! I have printed off several of them. I made 12 QOV tops when we lived for 2 years in Brazil. We are currently living in Europe and have been here 6 months. I have already made 4 QOV tops and we will be here for a total of 2 years! I cannot thank you enough as I am always looking for patterns!


  6. Joanne

    My mother recently passed away and when going through her treasures we found lots of handkerchiefs. I thought it wou be nice to make each of her three grandchildren a quilt with these treasures. Any suggestions?


  7. Barbara

    Bless you! As a relatively new quilter, these patterns are perfect for me! I have made quilts for my family but have now started on two QOV from your generously donated patterns! As a surviving spouse of a retired military officer, I thank you for your effort and kindness. Quilting for our veterans is SO worth it!


  8. Cindy Lou

    I just found your web site today. I have done a number of QOV and am always looking for new ideas.
    Thank you so much for all your quilts. I can see I will be making a number of them and bookmarking your web site.
    You are helping as much as if you had made the QOV tops yourself.
    Cindy Lou


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