HomeSpun Rails

Click here to download the HomeSpun Rails (PDF file)

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems at

Please note: These are BASIC CUTTING directions only. Read over the instructions carefully before beginning and please email me with any questions.

My top is too big for the design wall but you get idea don’t you?


Here’s a smaller version in Green and Purple without a border – I used 2 inch strips on this one. Use any two colors and pull out your scraps for this one.


Kay in Vancouver, WA sent me a photo of her quilt and wrote:
The quilt was made as a prayer quilt for our church. We are 5-10 ladies that meet every Tuesday for three hours to make prayer quilts. I pieced the top and the group sandwiched, put ties in and bound the quilt. When there will be a need for the quilt to find a home we will put the quilt out for the congregation to tie prayers into the ties. We think we have done over 80 so far and it has been truly a blessing for me to be a part of such an incredible ministry.


7 thoughts on “HomeSpun Rails

  1. Mary, thanks so much for giving the PDF file for this quilt. I think it will be perfect for one of our sons. Now to see how much homespun fabric I have. (grin)


  2. Thank you, Mary for giving me the inspiration I need for my purple quilt I have the fabric waiting for me to make. I love the purple and green together. I have the purples, but now I need to add to my green stash! Love your quilt!


  3. Radha Krishna

    Thanks Mary for the pattern instructions provided for such lovely quilt patterns.I am waiting to go back home in India and startone by one. It will be a slow progress, but with such clear instructions, I,ll be sure to complete smaller sizes.

    Thanks once again.


  4. Jackson WatkinsJ

    I just stumbled across your website and am enjoying looking at everything, especially your “Rail Quilts”. I just finished a Rail Fence for Quilt for Kids and loved the pattern. It was so fun to make and the process of putting it together was very enjoyable. I will certainly consider finding the time and make one for your charity quilts. If I could say one thing to any beginner quilters that are a little hesitate about attempting to make a “Rail” quilt, you will find that it is so much fun, and with all of the straight line seams, there are no seams to match up, making it a great beginner quilt. Thanks so much for sharing so many quilt patterns, and I am loving your website/blog.


  5. Mary

    Your quilts are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for the wonderful patterns. I am just beginning to learn to quilt. I want to make quilts for charity. Your website has inspired me. Thank You!


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