Rectangles PDF

Click link above for brief instructions for my small rectangle quilt.


Here’s another little rectangle quilt – I love these!

Here’s a larger version

  • Blocks are set 7 x 9
  • Quilt size is approximately 56 x 72
  • You’ll need 32 bright strips that are cut 2.5 inches
  • You’ll need 32 background strips cut 2.5 inches. I’d have 2.5 yards on hand but you’ll have a little left over.
  • You’ll need a half yard for the binding.

2 thoughts on “Rectangles

  1. Rebecca

    Love this pastel quilt. Are they the same size rectangles as the blue one? Can you tell me the finished size of this pastel cutie? Thanks a bunch. What a cute baby quilt this would make. Thanks for sharing your idea.


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