Rectangles – RWB

Here’s a simple quilt inspired by an antique one I saw on eBay and made from leftover red/white/blue 2.5 inch strips.

Bricks are 2.5 x 4.5 inches. When my leftovers were too small to make strip sets, I cut individual bricks but if they were larger, I sewed a blue or red 2.5 inch strip to a neutral 2.5 inch strip and subcut it into 4.5 inch sections.  Press to the dark brick.

In general when using strip sets for a scrap quilt, I use shorter lengths (20 inches versus 40 inches) to make my quilt scrappier. Press to the dark strip.

My quilt will be 56 x 80 inches

NOTE: Most of my blocks are pieced with 9 sections as shown below but my last row widthwise and lengthwise are partial blocks to accommodate my desired size.  You can make your quilt any size you choose.

Once I had my sections pieced and cut, I laid them out – I randomly used 2 or 3 red sections in each block — placing the reds randomly is the most challenging part of this easy quilt.  Sew the sections into rows always pressing toward the dark brick and then sew the rows together. Don’t press those last two seams joining the block rows together yet,  I’m pressing mine up or down after I’ve determined the block’s placement in the quilt when all the blocks are done.

For odd rows, you’ll orient your block as shown above with a blue or red in the top left, for even rows, you’ll just flip that block around so the neutral fabric is in the top left position.

Here’s my finished top

And my finished quilt

(c) Mary Johnson 2015 –

One thought on “Rectangles – RWB

  1. pj stitches!

    Hi, Mary! from another non-morning person…

    I’m looking in your wonderful pattern list; is your new favorite (with the cute dinos) the same as the R W & B Bricks? Or, is it something else?
    Thanks for your help!

    Keep stitching!

    Paulette Bergman in very warm sw MO


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