HeartStrings Logo Quilt

Click here to download HeartStrings Logo Quilt (PDF file)

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems at mmcjohnson@gmail.com

In this quilt, the inner heart is pieced with blue centered blocks, in the instructions it’s pieced with red. You can make the quilt either way, just adjust the number of red or blue centered blocks you make as needed.

hs red heart

Here’s one I made using Jewel colored strings


All quilted and ready to donate


8 thoughts on “HeartStrings Logo Quilt

  1. Caryn (a US Marine wife and Auntie)

    Thank you so much for posting the instructions for this quilt layout. My quilt guild made Quilts of Valor for our soldiers and I am getting them ready to apply for a shipping destination. I was looking for a pattern for my nephew, a US Marine. He is in Afghanistan at this time and previously had done a tour in Iraq. Your “HeartStrings Logo” quilt spoke to my heart, and I cannot wait to make it for him. May God bless y’all and keep up the wonderful work. Semper Fi.



    hi marilyn from il i am in the process of selling my house so i had to quit sewing for a while but as soon as i get moved i am going to start on this quilt i have made some squares and i love doing this quilt or anything in the heart string quilts they are so cool i make the pillow case for the cancer kids and also for the people in the service also the christmas stocking enjoy it so much and you can really get hooked on the pillowcases thanks a million for the patterns they are all great


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  5. Lynn

    Hi Mary, I have been admiring the heartstring logo quilt for quite a while and finally made one with lots of scraps.
    Just wanted to say thank you for the pattern. I made it a little smaller for a child donation.
    I will send you a pick of the top, I have not quilted it yet but will when I get back from vacation.
    Thanks again,


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