Framed Four Patches

Framed Four Patches PDF

Quilt size is 56 x 72
Blocks are set 7 x 9
Blocks are 8 inches finished (8.5 with seam allowances)



(C) Mary Johnson 2013 –

I haven’t made my quilt yet … But here’s Tanya’s version.

I started a QOV group in January through the quilt guild. We are called the Patriotic Piecemakers. I am so proud of our group because we have made over 40 QOV quilts so far this year. The next big deadline is November for 160 Vietnam Veterans. There are several other QOV groups in Missouri who are helping us to reach this goal. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful patterns!
Tanya Perretta


5 thoughts on “Framed Four Patches

  1. Barb

    Another great ‘scrap reducer’ pattern! Thanks Mary!
    I did finish putting together my RWB string quilt, adding an inner 2″ border and the 5″ piano key outer border and it looks great. Will try get a picture emailed to you soon!

    Thanks again!



  2. charlotte

    LOVE, LOVE, this quilt! Our group, are of older ladies that make only Quilts of Valor. So fare in the past eight years we have made over 1550 quilts!! They have been sent overseas, and to the V A Hospitals across the U S. We will have to use this pattern as one of up coming projects. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful quilt!! Charlotte, in Arkansas


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