Quick Strippie

Click here to download Quick Strippie (PDF file)

This is my favorite quick donation quilt. Just a yard of a novelty print and two coordinating fabrics from stash and it always looks so cute!

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems atmmcjohnson@gmail.com


I get questions about how I trim these Quick Strippie quilts to keep the sides even when I’m piecing them. My goal is to trim them without losing a lot of the width. Hopefully this makes sense.

First, you’re working with 3 different fabrics and cutting them all width of fabric … From selvage to selvage. I DO NOT remove the selvages.

I start with sewing my two narrower strips together and trim them even — because fabrics widths vary, one most likely will be will be shorter than the other. Once all of these sections are sewn and trimmed, I sew each of wider novelty fabric strips to one of the smaller strip sets and trim even. I then finish assembling the top.

Please note that your widest strip may be different than what I show in my drawing – just trim even with the shortest strip. If you trim each round, by the time you sew the sections together, they will be fairly even.

The top still has selvages on both sides but the sides are fairly even at this point. I layer and quilt the top now and once I’m done, I lay out the quilt on the floor and trim the sides just barely inside the widest selvage on both sides. I use the lines on my ruler and seams of the quilt to keep it square as I move up the sides of the quilt.

And here are more Strippies! So many fun novelty fabrics and they all work up SO cute!


Here’s a great variation by Stephanie using a strip pieced section in place of the novelty print.

50 thoughts on “Quick Strippie

  1. kelly

    Hi Mary,
    I am just finishing up my third strippie. I love this quilt! The first one was a twin for my disabled vet uncle made out of Marine fabric. The next two were baby quilts.Can’t wait to try one of your other quilts.
    Thank you.
    Kelly from NH


  2. Connie

    What a great idea. I’m still a novice quilter and I love finding quilts within my skill level that look so rich. Thank you for sharing.


  3. Joy

    I make a lot of charity quilts, I also love scrappy quilts. I could see this in 5 different 6.5″ WOF, with the tone on tone and accent to tie them all together too. This pattern’s a keeper I think.


  4. Marie Schlameus

    Mary, thank you for sharing your love of quilting. Our charity quilt group “Quilts for Kids Round Rock” has made at least 100 quilts from this pattern. We also have made many variations including substituting a variety of 6 1/2″ squares sewn together for the focus row or substituting a different fabric for each focus row, Alternating colors on the smaller strips and so forth. Since we work with donated fabric, we have to get creative! It is a wonderful, very fast and easy to quilt pattern and we enjoy working with it. Thanks again, Marie Schlameus Chapter Coordinator Quilts For Kids Round Rock Texas. TexasQFK@aol.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Mary. Quilts For Kids Bakersfield has also fell in love with this pattern! So easy to put together three fabrics that complement each other and the quilts are stunning! Thanks for making it available. Still amazed at how something so simple can look so good!
      Robin O’Connor – Quilts For Kids Bakersfield, CA ♥


  5. Helen Loftis

    My heart felt thank you for this pattern. I have been searching for an easy donation quilt pattern. One that was easy and I would proud to give any child.


  6. Sandy (aka Stitches)

    I, too, want to thank you for sharing this strippie quilt pattern. It is really great for making up something quickly but makes a nice gift or charity quilt. And they are great for practicing free motion machine quilting..thanks again.


  7. Keek

    Something sew simple that’s sew cute! I just love this quilt layout. The cows and the sheep, never in a million years would I buy that fabric. But when it’s put together like this, it makes the perfect medium. Now I’ll be going to the fabric store specifically looking for fabrics like that. Can’t wait to find some landscape fabrics.


  8. Michal

    Just found this pattern from the 9 super cool quilty things on the internet at Stitch This. I love the simplicity of this quilt. I love how it playfully shows off a fun fabric. I will remember this. Hope to make one soon. I’m working up tons of charity quilts lately.


  9. Barbara

    I used the same pattern and made 3 quilts for my nieces step-children. 2 boys and 1 girl. The girl’s had flowers and the boys had sports balls and then used colors from the main fabric for the other strips. I used the flip and sew method. Less quilting that way. Very interesting. Quick and easy.


  10. Carol Daniel

    I own a small quilt shop in Shiner, TX. We have been looking for ideas for a beginner quilt class for adults. This is perfect!!!! They can learn several things and have a finished quilt in only a few classes. Thanks so much for sharing!!!!


  11. martha schulz

    Mary, A friend asked me to make memory lap quilts using her moms formal dresses. Most appear to be polyester, chiffon, satin etc. These are decades old. Have any suggestions on using the dress fabric? I am at a loss on quilt patterns using these type of fabrics. Help!


  12. Linda Cwiklak

    I found your “strippie” pattern and made up kits for our guild to use as comfort quilts for various charities in our area and had a wonderful response to how easy they were to make up and finish…they were a BIG hit. I even used the idea to make a bedspread size one for my grandson’s bed in Avengers material….Thanks


  13. Preeti

    Hey Mary,
    I have used the Quick Strippie Pattern to make a quilt. I want to send a picture to you. How can I do that? Thank you for generously sharing your amazing patterns.


  14. Gracie B. Florida

    Thanks for the Strippie pattern. We’re using it to make a queen-sized quilt for a grandson. The quilt looks quite “mod” and should be a neat surprise when he arrives home in Feb. We also use it to make charity quilts for hospitals.


  15. ecarp

    Great quilt and easy. Glad you shared. Have wanted something attractive when finished yet easy with lots of free motion quilting room. Thanks. Will make many for grands and greats and charity.


  16. Jean J

    Thanks, Mary!
    I’ve enjoyed making several strip quilts for donations (42 x 64). I sew 17 strips using four 8″ focus strips: sports themes, ocean & lighthouse, safari. Since I do not quilt, I simply use the cotton strip pattern for the front, and then a fleece back (blues & greens). I sew the front to the back using the “stitch in the ditch” on the strips. Thanks!


  17. Barbara Kerchevall

    Thank you for such a quick yet pretty quilt pattern. I make a lot of children and baby quilts for charity and this works great. Most of the fabric I use is donated and this lends itself to that. Can use several focus fabrics as long as they fit a theme.


  18. JoAnne T.

    This is a wonderful pattern, I’m going to start making these for our local shelter. I can get more made in a shorter time, thanks so very much!


  19. Katz 'n Kwilts

    These are absolutely wonderful! Thank you for sharing them. I have made some that were similar but I like your versions much more. Love your website.


  20. Sharonquilts

    Love this pattern and your quilts are so cheerful! I just love doing strippie quilts. I think they have a “modern” look to them. Thank you for posting.


  21. Judy Hickey

    This pattern is just great. We have made so many of these quilts for children of fallen law enforcement officers. We hope it gives them comfort.


  22. Tamara

    Thank you again for this pattern. I will be attending a quilt retreat and have 12 kits cut out. The finished quilts will go to those who lost everything this summer in the Lake County CA fires. I know others are making quilts for people in that area.


  23. Valerie Petersen

    Thank you so much for the pattern. I am about to make my first quilt for my neice’s baby due in November. I think I can do this one. It has so many possiblities for babies! Thanks!


  24. charlotte

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful quilt pattern!!! I make a lot of donation quilts each year– this year over 30!! I also lead workshops for making donation quilts. This will be a lifesaver!!! Thanks again!!!


  25. Nancy

    This is my “go to” donation pattern. Always beautiful!…and goes together so quickly. Great for using my decorative quilting stitches, too. 🙂

    Thanks so much for this pattern!!


  26. SillySusan

    Wonderful! Thank you so much! I make baby and children’s quilts for charity. (CPC’s) Over the years I’ve made many 100’s and am always looking for new, quick and easy patterns.


  27. elizburns

    Thank you for this wonderful pattern. It was recommended on Facebook and I have made 2 so far and I have recommended the pattern to everyone I know.


  28. Brenda

    This is awesome! I Love this pattern! I’m going to go buy some fabric and try it out!
    Thanks for taking the time to post this tutorial and all the beautiful photos too!
    Bless you abundantly!


  29. Rebeca Toman

    I love the quilting on the whale strippy quilt featured in the email today. Do you have a name for thisf machine quilting so I may research it further. I think it’s simple enough that even I can do it. Love your quilts.


  30. Rebecca Burch

    I finally found the perfect fabric for a “Quick Strippie” … now just to find the time to make one. I hope mine turns out even half as cute as all of yours! Wish me luck! Thanks for this precious pattern!


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