Two Rail Fence

Click here to download Two Rail Fence (PDF file)

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Red and Purple Rails finished

My most recent version – pieced border is cut 4.5 inches by various lengths, the inner red border was cut 1.25 inches. There is a flange inserted between some of the blocks in a zigzag manner to give a little pop of red to the center of the quilt.


Here’s a another version I made in Blue and Green. Note that the zig zags are not very distinct in this quilt so if you want to get that result, use two colors that strongly contrast like the red & purple quilt above.


9 thoughts on “Two Rail Fence

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    WOW those are pretty colors you put together i just seen on tv the other day this pattern and really liked it in a amish quilt some lady on sewing with Nancy i though was awesome so i will in the future try to make this quilt thanks for the pattern marilyn


  3. I have been going through back e=mail from QP and found your website. I am in awe of your wonderful quilt designs. I love the designs…Wow. I belong to a Crazy Crafters Group in Sarasota Fl. Their are 5 of us and we meet weekly for about 6 hours to quilt to our hearts content, always learning from one another.
    The past year, our Condominium Association adopted an elementary school and provide the over 50 homeless families with food, clothing, christmas gifts or whatever their needs are. We quilters are now making quilts for baby’s, toddlers, & teens as some of mothers are single parents. Looking for fast and easy yet joyful patterns is not easy and I feel so blessed to have come across you web site. We will be making Christmas stockings which our association will fill with goodies. What a fulfilling time this is for us. Thank You, Sandy


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  5. Danna

    How much material is needed for a queen 2 rail fence? I am a beginner and I am wondering how much material of red, purple and border I would need. Thank you


  6. Patricia Blewett

    Our quilt group makes quilts for the Linus Project and our local hospitals.
    It was so nice to find some easier and faster quilts to make. Thank you for
    providing this site. So far from out start we have produced 400 quilts.

    Do you have patterns for quilt as you go?

    Pat B.


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