Amish Stripes and Strings

Click here to download Amish Stripes and Strings (PDF file)

Because my quilts are scrappy and made from stash, fabric yardage calculations for most of my quilt instructions are not available and when included, they are estimates only – click here for more information.

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems at


A more recent version made with leftover strips from another quilt.

And here’s the finished quilt.


20 thoughts on “Amish Stripes and Strings

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  5. Erma Bryan

    I’m looking for a pattern “Variable Star Amish Quilt”. It has a star in the center and 6 concentric borders around the star. Can you help me.


  6. Diane

    This is a beautiful quilt. Thanks for including it in your free patterns! I can now start sorting through my material to start one like this.
    Thanks a bunch!


  7. Deborah Russell

    I just happened on your site while looking for Nine-Patch twist. WOW!!! Thank you so much for sharing all of these wonderful patterns!! Can’t wait to start several of them.


    1. Victoria A Shepard

      Hi Linda,

      The Amish stripes and strings quilt with the mix of dark and bright colors against the black is stunning! I have it on my to do list. Thank you for posting it! 🌻⚘🙂


  8. Linda

    This is one of my favorite web pages to visit. I get much inspiration from these quilts and have made a few of them. Thanks for sharing.


  9. cheryl

    Thanks so much for all the wonderful quilt patterns, and free too, I will always come back here over and over. I cant thank you enough… My new BFF. 🙂


  10. Diana Burris

    Thank you for the free quilt patterns!! They are greatly appreciated. I just hope my quilts turn out something like yours, they’re so crisp and neat!


  11. Marcy G.

    Just came across your website. I love it! Thank you for all the wonderful patterns. There is still hope I will be able to use up my scraps. More importantly, I’m going to share a string quilt pattern with my quilt group. We have several new ladies and thought it would be fun to do a group project for our next quilt to be donated. Not only is the pattern user-friendly but I will suggest we tie it. Thank you again! Marrcy


  12. What I love about this site is the amount of thought that obviously went into all the preparation and attention to detail. Everything is so user friendly and the quilts are so varied and beautifully made. I being to a quilting group situated on the west coast of Africa,close to Cape Town. Since coming across your amazing site, everyone is using your patterns and raving about them. Quilters are such generous people, always willing to share. But you are at the top of that list. Thank you.


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