Rainbow HeartStrings

Our Rainbow HeartStrings blocks are pieced on a muslin foundation cut 10 inches square just like our regular HeartStrings blocks only you’re using just one color per block.

Start with a center string of any color and continue to add strips and strings of the same color to both sides of the block until the foundation is covered. I like to use triangles or wider strings on the corners to avoid having little tiny pieces once the block is trimmed. Trim the block to 9.5 inches.

If you need help squaring the block, refer to this link.

So what are your options for setting Rainbow HeartStrings blocks? My favorite probably has to be with sashing.

Quilt Size – 53 x 75

Sashing and cornerstones are cut 2.5 inches

Make 35 Rainbow HeartStrings blocks

Here’s a smaller sashed version that uses 20 blocks and measures 45×53.

I’ve also made a full set of 48 blocks like our typical HeartStrings quilt and set them without sashing. This one measures 54×72.

and a smaller version without sashing measuring 36 x 54.

(C) Mary Johnson 2019 – MaryQuilts.com

3 thoughts on “Rainbow HeartStrings

  1. C. Roper

    So sorry you cut yourself. I did the same, about 8 years ago, and had to drive myself to the ER. It was also my left index finger, and a tiny portion was cut off. Of course it is completely healed today and not noticeable, but when it wouldn’t stop bleeding AT ALL, I knew I needed help. Please make a change in how you cut, as this may have been a warning for you. By the way, I absolutely love your Rainbow HeartStrings Blocks!


  2. Suzanne Cooper

    I’d like to make some blocks to mail in. In your pictures, I don’t see any brown or dark green blocks. Are brown and forest green acceptable or do you prefer colors that are in a rainbow? When and where do I mail my blocks?


  3. Donna Simpson

    Do you use batting with these or just the muslin you piece into? Living in Georgia, thought this might work without batting.


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