5 thoughts on “CC ~ Easy version

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  2. Jill Howes

    Thanks for the inspiration. I had a ton of old flannel strips and cut them to make “Flannel Chinese Coins”. I have also make crazy blocks using flannel strips and string blocks on a foundation. Have you done any in flannel?


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  4. Kerry Hansing

    thanks for giving permission to distribute. I am teaching the 1600 Jelly Roll Race and wanted to give the students some layouts to vary the finished product. Your instructions are perfect. Simple and Concise. I’ve made “Chinese Coins” from scratch and actually won a major award with one of my coin quilts. It is a simple quilt but using the right colors, sashing and machine stitching it can be an incredible quilt. Thank you. Yours is wonderful.


  5. Mary Ellen

    I’m ready to begin my Chinese Coins quilt. Gosh I wish I knew what width to cut the “coins”. I understand you use varying widths but I would like to know even where to begin. What is too narrow, what is too wide? Please help me know where to lay that ruler!
    Thanks, ME


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