5 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves

  1. Rebecca

    This quilt is spectacular! I wonder if you could put anything (redwork, pre-printed misc) in the leaf squares. I love this quilt! I love your patterns! I love this site! THANK YOU!!!!!!


  2. Anne N Stoddard

    Mary; This one is going to be wonderful for the Vets at my local VA. Thank you again for all you do for us quilters who can sew/quilt/finish but have no color sense (no laughing here) and want to make some really special quilts for our Service Boys/Men. I am going to do this one in patriotic colors and use one of those fabrics with eagles on it for the fussy cut section where you have the leaves. Some of the boys at my local VA look like they are younger than my grandsons who are in their early 20’s. Thanks again Mary, you are indeed appreciated. Anne


  3. Diane

    First at your site and I find a pattern for a wonderful autumn quilt. I wanted one that I could put leaves in it and low and behold you have the perfect one.
    Thank you very much. Diane


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