Drunkard’s Path #2

Quilt size – 56 x 70

Finished block size – 7 inches (7.5 with seam allowances)

Blocks set 8 across and 10 down

Blocks are cut with the large Accuquilt GO Drunkard’s Path die

You will need 40 blocks with light centers and 40 blocks with dark centers.

Arrange blocks as shown in the diagram below. Be very careful to keep the blocks rotated correctly while pressing and assembling. Print and refer to the quilt diagram frequently

I did not press my blocks until I had them all in the location I wanted and then I alternated pressing away or toward the center in every other block.

Odd rows start pressing the first block away from the center

Even rows start pressing the first block toward the center


This is a terrible photo but I just realized I’d never taken “good” photos of the finished quilt  before it was given away .

(c) Mary Johnson – MaryQuilts.com – 2015