Jelly Roll Strippie

Who doesn’t like a quick quilt from a Jelly Roll? I do but I don’t like the Jelly Roll Race Quilts so I decided I’d make a Strippie quilt from one of my Jelly Rolls. 

I pulled a Jelly Roll off my shelf that had a lot of lights – I’m using 16 lights and 16 darks for a quilt that will measure about 40 x 64. Your width will be dependent on how wide your strips are selvage to selvage and how much trimming you have to do. 

I sewed 16 strip sets, one light to one dark, pressing toward the dark, and laid them out on the floor moving them around until I got a pleasing arrangement with my colors and then I started sewing them together in pairs until I had sewn the last seam which joined the two halves of the top together. Keep pressing those seams to the dark strip and DON’T press that last seam yet.  


I like to keep my sides even by trimming my strip sets to the shortest strip before pressing each time I sew two sets together. By the time I’m finished my sides are pretty even.  I do this at every step, just like I do with my Quick Strippies.


When you’ve sewn that last seam, don’t press it. Now it’s time to decide where you want your cuts. I moved my mat to the floor because I don’t want my fabric slipping around when I’m trying to make a long cut.  This left side is pretty even and I didn’t trim it at all. My top is folded in half for this part. 


My first cut was made at 10.5 inches in from the left side. I chose that because I could use my two rulers together and make sure my cut was accurate.

First slice is done  


As I scooted my rulers up, I made sure to use the lines on the ruler to match up with the seams to keep everything nice and square.  


After making the first cut, I decided I’d use my 4 inch ruler to make my second cut. Again, you can use any measurements you choose.

Now it is time to flip the Slice upside down and then sew everything back together. 


My Jelly Roll had 3-4 strips of each fabric and I could have chosen to take 4 strips and cut them in half to border my slice before reassembling it but I didn’t choose to this time.  


And here’s my finished top


I even have enough strips left for a scrappy binding.  


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