Stephanie’s Squares

I love using flannel on the backs of donation quilts but the leftovers pile up fast. I’ve used them for the backs of doll quilts and given a bunch to Mom for making burp cloths but I still have a couple bins of them. I was about to break down and start piecing some scrappy backs to use them up when Stephanie from my HeartStrings group posted a simple squares quilt using her flannel leftovers. With her permission, I’m sharing some brief quilt notes and photos of both of our projects to inspire you to use some of your leftovers.

Stephanie’s quilt

Click here for brief instructions for my quilt.

Mary’s first top
Mary’s Pink Squares

Feel free to make your quilt or squares any size you want. You can even change the layout from diagonal rows and use an Around the World arrangement like Stephanie did in this version.