Sashed Tumblers

My Sashed Tumblers is a quick and easy quilt. I cut the tumblers with my Accuquilt Go die but you can use a template if you don’t have the die.

Tumbler measurements
Top is 3.5 inches
Bottom is 6.5 inches
Height is 6.5 inches

Quilt size is approximately 48 x 70.5
Tumblers are set 8 across and 14 down

Quilt notes
I modified my design after making my quilt because I didn’t like the half tumblers I used. I prefer the irregular edge I get from using a full tumbler and it’s not hard to bind either.

The quilt is sewn in long rows, vertically and I found it easiest to lay out and sew one row at a time.

Although the drawing shows only one green, blue, and purple, I used different fabrics in the quilt making sure only that I used a single fabric for all tumblers in each row. Refer to my top at the bottom of the page.

The yellow sashing strips are attached to the blue tumblers and are cut 2 inches by 8 inches.

I aligned and sewed the sashing strip with the top of the tumbler as shown, with the inside corner just barely showing at the top.

Press open and using your ruler and rotary cutter, trim the sashing even with the tumbler.

It’s important to lay out the rows so you will know which side of the tumbler to sew the sashing strip to as your tumblers will alternate direction from row to row.

Here’s a photo of my top. Note I used the half tumbler and modified the design after my pieces had been cut. Had I been home when I was piecing this, I would have recut and used the full tumblers on the top and bottom.


And here’s my finished quilt!

(C) Mary Johnson – 2013

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