Charmed Squares

Block size is 8.5 inches (9 inches with seam allowances)
Setting is 7 x 9 blocks
Quilt size is 59.5 x 76.5

Charmed Squares Instructions – PDF for printing

Charmed Squares

My finished quilt

Charmed Squares

I used one Charm Pack, 2 yards of brown and 2.5 yards of blue – yardage for blue includes binding. CAUTION I was VERY careful about cutting and had very little fabric left over. If I was making this quilt again, I’d increase my yardage to 2.5 yards of the brown and 3 yards of the blue and toss any leftovers into the stash.

My quilt takes 63 blocks. I was fairly random when I was framing my blocks and yours does not have to be exactly like mine but the PDF instructions will show you what I did.

CAUTION: if you have directional prints pay attention to how you are orienting the centers in the framing rounds – you will be rotating all blue framed blocks as you assemble the top.
© Mary Johnson 2012 –

12 thoughts on “Charmed Squares

  1. Lori in Tucson

    I definitely was interested in this quilt. I pretty much came up with the block measurements and your method for creating the double-framed blocks. It was nice to see your figures and diagrams that confirmed what I had come up with. Great way to use all those charm squares that I buy. Now to put them to use in a quilt.


  2. NancyB in AZ

    I like this quilt pattern very much when you first showed it. Thank you so much for the instructions. I also have lots of charm squares to use for this one.


  3. Penny

    This is absolutely perfect for our guild stitching night. We are making quilts for Habitat for Humanity and our members will have no trouble with your clear instructions.Thanks so much for sharing with us so that we can share with others.


  4. Gail

    Both daughters (quilters, also) gift their scraps to me, I make donation quilts for a reservation in South Dakota using their fabrics and mine. Have been doing Log Cabin or String patterns lately, this design will be a nice change. Thank you so much.


  5. Elaine M

    Wonderful pattern/quilt. Love the pops of orange/red in your top with the brown and blue. Look forward to a PDF on this pattern. Thank you for sharing your patterns.


  6. Monica Butling

    You are just amazing!! I live in Australia and have recently begun sewing again after 15 years of not sewing and now I am addicted. Thankyou so much for your patterns they are absolutely beautiful. I have only done 3 quilts but I would love to try the charm square one. I cant thankyou enough for sharing your pattern.
    A friend Monica from Australia xxx


  7. Cleta

    Mary Thanks so much for always sharing your patterns and such clear instructions free of charge. Times are tuff so I really want to take time to tell you,you and your kindness are appreciated. Blessings


  8. Eva in Florida

    Mary, thank you so much for sharing an interesting way to use some beautiful charm squares I bought almost 2 years ago. I’ve been trying to come up with an idea for them and having no luck. It is very kind of you to share your work at no charge.


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