RWB Split 9

Here’s another veteran quilt inspired by a vintage quilt I saw on eBay.


Quilt size is 62 x 80 – you could leave the borders off for a quilt that is 54×72

Block size is 9 inches finished (9.5 inches with seam allowances) which means your squares and half square triangles need to be 3.5 inches with seam allowances. You will need 48 blocks set 6 blocks across and 8 rows down.

Inner red border is cut 1.5 inches, outer blue border is cut 3.5 inches.

I haven’t made my quilt yet but I’ll have to think about how I’ll press these blocks since it’s just one block and they are turned in different positions in the quilt.

STOP and think how YOU want to press before making all the blocks!


Here’s another layout with the same block. Number of blocks, border size, and quilt size are all the same as the one above. You can see I’ve joined 4 blocks together to make the larger blocks for this quilt but you still start with 48 blocks just like the quilt above.