Pinwheels and Elephants

This was a little quilt I designed for my Mom a while back and I just recently came across my EQ drawing and decided to share it here.

Quilt Size = 42 x 50

Block Size = 8 inches finished ( 8.5 in with seam allowances)

PLEASE check size of block when printed – elephant should fit inside 8 inch block. Click link for Elephant applique

 Create 10 pinwheel blocks using whatever method for making half square triangles that you prefer. The half square triangles should measure 4.5 inches with seam allowances.

Cut (10) 8.5 inch squares from your background fabric and applique elephant using whatever method you choose. Green elephants should face left, pink elephants should face right – YOU WILL NEED TO TURN YOUR TEMPLATE OVER and trace from the wrong side to reverse the elephants.

Inner border is cut 1.5 inches

Outer border is cut 4.5 inches

I just found a photo of Mom’s quilt and realized that we used a different elephant. If you prefer, do a google search and substitute your own applique. You can also do a search for coloring book pages to find some cute elephants. 


© Mary Johnson – – 2012


One thought on “Pinwheels and Elephants

  1. Nancy

    Thanks so much for the instructions for the elephant baby quilt . Now all I have to figure out is how to print the text because it is not in a pdf down load can you help. Thanks again


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