Framed Rectangles

Click here to download Framed Rectangles (PDF file)

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems at


Although I don’t provide fabric amounts because my quilts are scrappy, occasionally I will use EQ to recolor a quilt and let it give me an estimate — an UNTESTED estimate —

In this case, I recolored it in a RWB colorway and EQ told me that it would take 2 yards of each color (total 6 yards) so use this if it helps you – but be aware that the way I work is to start pulling fabric off the shelf and just keep pulling until I’m done with my blocks.

If I was making this version, I would use many different reds, blues, and whites including beige, and tan.

RWB Framed Rectangles

My EQ drawing in blues



15 thoughts on “Framed Rectangles

  1. Valerie in CS

    Mary—I was so excited when I found this quilt! I started working on my blocks last November and put things away for the holidays. At this point I have all the blocks pieced and just need to join them together for the quilt top. I went with solids for the rectangles (lime, turquoise, white, and blue) and have a cute ‘happy monster’ print for the back. I plan to use a giant zig-zag stitch for the quilting, to mimic the grins of the monsters. This quilt is for my nephew’s birthday — he turns two around Thanksgiving. Untested or not, your directions were excellent and I am giddy about the finished quilt. Thank you for being so inventive and generous!


  2. Christine

    Dear Mary, Each time one of my nephews or nieces marries I make them a quilt. I had decided on a pattern for the wedding coming up at the end of April but wasn’t that happy with it. Your ‘Framed Rectangle’ caught my eye today – my daughter says “OH YAH!” So I will send a photo when completed!

    Thank you! Chris


  3. Karen Haynes

    Hi Mary! I LOVE this quilt! I’m a beginner quilter, but your directions are so easy to understand (A MILLION Thank you’s!). I want to go buy fabric to start! How much yardage of the different colors does it take?

    Thanks again for posting such amazing quilts!



  4. I used this pattern for my very first quilt. It was much easier than I anticipated and I really liked that. I used blues and greens and made the quilt for my daughter’s dorm room. I added a row, to make it extra long, and the effect was just as awesome. It took just 2 weeks to make. Everyone loves it. Now I am busy making a queen-size for myself in pink, yellow, blue, green, and orange. Can’t wait to see the finished product!!


    1. Hi Diane,
      I’m a new quilter too, I have the directions to the framed rectangle but I don’t understand the window directions
      So what size are the vertical frames and the part that has the little piece under the window The directions say 2” by what ? Can you provide me the windows sizes, I would love to see your quilt, thanks so much


  5. Carol

    I made this quilt in red and black at my sons request. It was a hit at my guild meeting and my son loves it. Thanks for you patterns and the inspiration I receive from your blog!


  6. Pam S

    One of the guilds I belong to does a lot of QOV quilts and this would be a good one. We do four presentation programs in our area because we have a VA hospital in the next town over. With four presentation programs scheduled this year, we have to have quick but attractive designs. Attractive but not do detailed that would be hard to make more than one. Anytime I see a design that could be used as a QOV, I stop and think about how it would be quilted. I do all the quilting for my guild QOV quilts and have to crank ’em out. I see a lot of possibilities in this one. Thanks for the idea.


  7. Carol Bell

    Thank you so much for this pattern. The directions look very simple. I love that you guesstimated 6 yards. That will make it easy for finding and pulling scraps. Thanks!


  8. Vicki

    Thank you for this design! I made a baby blanket that was 4×4 instead of 6×6. It was slightly smaller than crib-sized batting and I was able to use a single width of backing fabric. This was my first quilt so it was a great pattern to start with.


  9. Rebecca Burch

    Ooh… I love this pattern & you KNOW how crazy I am (period) about pink & brown quilts! This one might be my favorite of all yours yet… & that’s saying something since they’re all so spectacular! Thanks for sharing this with us!


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