Churn Dash & Stars

Click here to download Churn Dash & Stars instructions (PDF file)

Click here to download Paper Piece pattern for Star points PLEASE check after printing that the sections measure 3.5 inches with seam allowances!

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems at

Please note: Read over the instructions carefully before beginning and please email me with any questions.

Churn Dash and Stars


Churn Dash & Stars

Quilt can also be made with plain borders

Churn v2

39 thoughts on “Churn Dash & Stars

  1. Kristy Wilkinson

    Yippee! A pattern to use with my Accuquilt GO!. I love the triangle in a square star pattern. This is a really pretty setting for these blocks. I love the circles your eyes make from it.


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  4. I love this quilt! I grew up in Illinois and call the churn dash block Lincoln’s Platform. (We called a similar 5-patch pattern Churn Dash.) Thank you for posting it as well as readers’ variations. It’s a joy to see (and I’m sure that when I make a smaller version for a prayer quilt, it will be a joy to make). I’ll use my Tri-Recs rulers for the star points. Thank you for sharing it with us.


  5. I love this pattern! I was making a quilt with the same stars and a different alternate block but couldn’t get motivated to finish. I didn’t like the other block. After you posted this pattern I revamped my plan and used your idea instead. I had to revise since my stars were 12″ but I got it finished and it’s now on the longarm. Thanks for the inspiration! I will definitly make this pattern again.


    1. Lois Capper

      Beautiful quilt. I want to make this ! A little confused though, are there instructions for cutting sizes, or just for finished piece sizes ?


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  7. Hello Mary, I’ve just discovered your blog and wanted to thank you for providing so much helpful information. I like your style. This quilt is so awesome! I am a beginner (and live in MN too) and this looks like the perfect project for me to stretch my skills into a big quilt. Thanks again!


  8. Mary Deotte

    I was just told about your website this morning by a friend and fellow quilter. I love it! And I absolutely love this quilt pattern, especially the circular feel that the points create… Very stunning! I will definitely have to make this one soon.


  9. pamela griffin

    This is one of the best websites on quilting I have seen., Just so much free stuff…way to go Mary. Thank you very much for sharing.
    Regards, Pamela G


  10. Barbara Wolf

    I love this quilt and used it for our quilting group’s churn dash challenge. I will machine quilt it so I am looking for suggestions. Mary, I hope you have an idea about what would look best for the quilting pattern. Thanks for posting such a great quilt and giving me the inspiration I needed to finish.


  11. Lisa Smith

    I want to make this quilt with the 2 1/2 yards of white fabric for the background and a single color for the churn dash but scrappy for the rest. I have a lot of Fat Quarter 1930’s fabrics that I’ve collected & want to use them for this. How do I know if I have enough fabric? How much fabric for the churn dash blocks alone (not including the white)? and how much fabric combined for the scrappy rest?


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