Urgent – Please read

I have been getting complaints about advertising on my site and people threatening to unsubscribe.

I don’t have a subscription service or Ads so it is NOT my site that is causing your problems. If you are seeing ads, you have clicked on a spam link to arrive here. My website is a free resource for quilters and unfortunately a fabric website the Fabric Clique has created the spam links and is sending out these emails. I have requested that they stop immediately but they have failed to respond.

My “real” website address is


The web address for every page will always start with https://maryquilts.com/ … and will continue with the name of the page and look like this https://maryquilts.com/carpenter-star/

If you are seeing ads you have clicked on spam that has NOT come from me and I can’t control it. I always suggest you access my site directly.

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