Quick Strippie

Click here to download Quick Strippie (PDF file)

This is my favorite quick donation quilt. Just a yard of a novelty print and two coordinating fabrics from stash and it always looks so cute!

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems atmmcjohnson@gmail.com


I get questions about how I trim these Quick Strippie quilts to keep the sides even when I’m piecing them. My goal is to trim them without losing a lot of the width. Hopefully this makes sense.

First, you’re working with 3 different fabrics and cutting them all width of fabric … From selvage to selvage. I DO NOT remove the selvages.

I start with sewing my two narrower strips together and trim them even — because fabrics widths vary, one most likely will be will be shorter than the other. Once all of these sections are sewn and trimmed, I sew each of wider novelty fabric strips to one of the smaller strip sets and trim even. I then finish assembling the top.

Please note that your widest strip may be different than what I show in my drawing – just trim even with the shortest strip. If you trim each round, by the time you sew the sections together, they will be fairly even.

The top still has selvages on both sides but the sides are fairly even at this point. I layer and quilt the top now and once I’m done, I lay out the quilt on the floor and trim the sides just barely inside the widest selvage on both sides. I use the lines on my ruler and seams of the quilt to keep it square as I move up the sides of the quilt.

And here are more Strippies! So many fun novelty fabrics and they all work up SO cute!


Here’s a great variation by Stephanie using a strip pieced section in place of the novelty print.

53 thoughts on “Quick Strippie

  1. NJ

    I sew quilt tops for the cancer center and this sweet quilt is the exact size they want. We also make these at church and I cut out 4 yesterday for “kits”. I’ve started trimming the folded strips all the same measurement then there’s no trimming needed when the top is completely sewn.


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