Forest Bricks

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I made this one again using fat quarters and going for a more of a woven look with the red blocks oriented vertically and black and white and black and gray blocks horizontally.

I used about half of 11 red fat quarters and about half of 11 black/white/gray fat quarters for the bricks. I could have used fewer but I wanted the variety of prints.

I started with 3 yards of my black fabric and after piecing the blocks and cutting the binding, I had just 7 inches left.

20 thoughts on “Forest Bricks

  1. DeeDee Isaacs

    I am lining up my fabric right now for this wonderful quilt….
    It will look good the rest of the season in our living room.
    Thanks again Mary


  2. Lynn

    I love this! Any idea on the amounts of fabric needed for different sizes? I’m having visions of using cheery batiks in the centers and dark for the framing.


  3. HA! I just HAVE to share….
    I was perusing Alycia’s site yesterday and read her post on her version of this pattern. I bookmarked it and added it to my list of “to be made someday” quilts.

    Tonight, I was cleaning up some spots of my blog…….come to find….I had ALREADY come across this pattern a different time and already had it listed on my “to be made someday” quilts. HA! Guess this one reallllly strikes me! Can’t wait to get some finishes so I can jump in to this one. It’s a dandy!


  4. Aunt Pat

    This pattern is a great hit with out charity quilting group. You can strip piece your center strip with the two narrow ‘sashing’ strips, then cut the blocks to size. You can use however many center strip prints you want and even vary the color of the sashing strips….say two different prints, each with its own sashing strip color. It’s also a great scrap quilt pattern. If you use black for the sashings you can pretty much put anything in the centers. When I cut my scraps into usable patches, I make as many of these as I can (I cut them 4 1/2 x 6 1/2).


  5. Just found this site— Thanks for sharing so many of your wonderful patterns !! I am always looking for something new and easy, as I make so many charity quilts and Quilts of Valor!! Thanks Charlotte in Arkansas


  6. DeeDee

    Hi Mary,
    Just pulled out my un-finished bricks quilt made in the same color way as yours and it is now pieced …waiting to be quilted . It turned out lovely ! Many thanks for your patterns and continued
    inspiration .


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