Half Log Cabin

Half Log Cabin Instructions (PDF file)

If you have problems opening the above link, right click on it and save it to your computer and then open it. Email me with any questions or problems at mmcjohnson@gmail.com

Please note: These instructions are untested as I have NOT yet made my quilt. Read over them carefully before beginning and please email me with any questions.

This queen size version was pieced by Nancy (my aunt) and quilted by me. Instructions include two sizes but to make a quilt this large, you’ll need to add additional blocks.


Mom’s smaller version


25 thoughts on “Half Log Cabin

  1. Lizzy Hentze

    Absolutely you’re a designer Mary, and you most definitely have been published by posting your fabulous instructions on the web. The only thing missing in this picture is the payment that goes with the other types of media. You need to rectify that!!


  2. Kristy Wilkinson

    Mary- you most definitely are a designer. I am so glad you gave us the directions for this quilt. I am very partial to purple and I love the way you put this together. I have a GO cutter and may make this pattern soon. Thanks for your blog and your willingness to share with us.


  3. Geri Faivre

    Hi Mary,

    I like this new pattern. I just finished making the Tessalating Pinwheel pattern that you have shown. You are very definitely a designer, maker, crafter, and talented. Thank you for sharing your patterns. I have a question. You said that you might make this quilt for a charity project, but you would leave off the borders, and I wondered why?

    Thanks. Geri


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  6. Lanetta

    Thank you for this very clear pattern to follow! I created a lovely Quilt of Valor using the Civil War period fabrics in red, creams and blues! You did an excellent job! Again, Thanks!


  7. sandy

    Wish I could see Alison’s quilt but her website says private. I was thinking of making the block into a full half log … I mean sew the left side on too. Does that make sense?


  8. Karen R. Sternberg

    I too tried to click to see Alison’s quilt, was denied as it’s by invitation only. I would have loved to see it. I have a quilt blog myself at:


    Mary: Much of your work is exceptional & I thank so much for sharing so many patterns or them AND for free. Kind, generous, & certainly perpetuating of the Quilt Love. Well done & thank you!!


  9. Tracey Dosser

    Beautiful colours , im thinking of doing one for my husband in greens & browns . ..thank you for sharing

    Tracey in Australia ☺


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