GO friendly Quilts

Since buying the Accuquilt GO cutter many of my quilts are being designed to be cut partially or in whole with my GO and I thought I would gather the links to those quilts on one page. Keep in mind the older instructions for quilts made before I bought my GO are written for rotary cutting but are easily adaptable for the dies listed below. In many cases I may cut part of a quilt with GO dies and rotary cut other parts as I may not have all the dies required to make a specific block or quilt.

Click on the pattern name to go to that page to download the instructions. This page is not a complete list of all my quilts made with my GO dies but it is intended to help you see the how I use the dies in my quilting.

Rectangles can be made with the 2.5 x 4.5 inch rectangle found in the 8 inch Qube or with 2.5 inch strips

My Blue/Brown HST quilt is made with the 4 inch finished half square triangle die but if you prefer smaller blocks or have the 3 inch finished half square triangle die, that would work too – you’d just need to make more blocks,

My Hourglass quilts are made with the 4 inch finished quarter square triangle die. I made a larger version in greens.

Yellow and Gray Nine Patch can be made with the 2.5 inch strip die

Bricks and Stones uses 3 dies – the 3×6 inch finished rectangle, the circle die, the chisel die and the 3 inch finished half square triangle die.

I used the 2 inch strip die for Chris’ Spiderweb quilt but you can use any size strips you want. The first quilt I made (and the one the instructions are written for, used 1.75 inch strips.)

Drunkard’s Path and Circles uses the large Drunkard’s Path die and the largest circle on the Circle die.

This Roman Stripes was made with leftover strips from another quilt that were cut with the 2, 2.5, and 1.5 inch strip dies.

The blocks for HomeSpun Rails are cut with the 2.5 inch strip die.

Yellow Bricks uses the 3.5 inch square and the 3.5 x 6.5 inch rectangle dies. There are instructions for a RWB version.

Carpenter Star Uses the 6 inch square and 6.5 inch half square triangle dies.

Churn Dash & Stars uses the 2 inch strip die, the 3 inch finished half square triangle, 3 inch finished Triangle in a Square dies.

Half Log Cabin uses the 4.5 inch square (on the value die) and the 2.5 inch strip die.

Forest Bricks uses the 3.5 x 6.5 rectangle, the 2 inch strip die.

Tessellating Pinwheels uses the 4.5 inch half square and 4.5 inch quarter square triangle dies.

4 Patches on the Diagonal uses the 6.5 inch half square triangle die, the 3 inch finished square die, the 2 inch strip die, and the 1.5 inch strip die.

Indigo Blue uses the 2.5 inch strip die and the 4.5 inch half square triangle die

Framed Rectanglesuses the 2 inch strip die, the 2.5 inch strip die and the 3.5 x 6.5 rectangle die.

Stars and Pinwheels uses the 4.5 half square triangle and the 4 inch finished square if you add the border. For a smaller quilt, the 3.5 inch half square triangle can be used.

String Tumblers– uses the Tumbler die

Drunkard’s Path uses the 7.5 inch Drunkard’s Path Die.

Lattice uses the 6.5 inch half square triangle die and the 1.5 inch strip die.

Any of the Chinese Coins quilts listed on the left sidebar can be made with the GO. Just choose your strip size and use your 1.5 inch, 2 inch, or 2.5 inch die to piece the coins sections and then follow the instructions for sashing and borders.

Red Rover is another quilt made before I had my GO but it can be made with the 2.5 inch strip die and the 4.5 inch half square triangle die.

Twisted 9 Patch uses the 2.5 inch strip die and the 3.5 inch strip die if you have it.

Two Rail Fence is made with the 2.5 inch strip die. The borders were not cut with the GO.

Patriotic Rail Fence is made with the 2.5 inch strip die; the star is made with the 3 inch finished square, the 3.5 inch half square triangle, and the 6 inch finished square. Remember, you don’t have to have all the dies to make one of these. I rotary cut the 3 and 6 inch squares.

Double 4 Patch was made before I got my GO but can be pieced with the 2.5 inch strip die and the 4 inch finished square.

Easy Double 4 Patch can be pieced with the 2.5 inch strip die and the 4 inch finished square.

16 Patch and Pinwheels was made before I got my GO but it can be pieced with the 2.5 inch strip die and the 4.5 inch half square triangle die.

Boxed Squaresuses the 2.5 inch strip die

The strips in Roman Stripes can be cut with the 1.5 inch strip die.

HeartStrings Happy Blocks can be cut with the 4 inch finished square and the 2.5 inch strip die.

48 thoughts on “GO friendly Quilts

  1. Sandy K


    This is very gracious of you to start this additional file for the
    GO system. You are so dedicated to help others enjoy the art of
    quilting. I am so happy that I found Heartstrings when searching
    the web.


  2. Nina

    Hello Mary,

    This is so generous of you! I am just starting to look at blogs. I found you on the GO! site. I love these patterns, so simple yet beautiful. Thank you again for your ideas! Nina


  3. Michele Gachet Bedocs

    I just ordered a GO cutter, and am so excited! I have looked at them for a while, and have read how much you enjoy yours, so I decided to take the plunge! Cutting is my LEAST favorite part of quilting, so I think this will help a lot. Thank you so much for providing this information to all of us. I will refer to this page a lot, as I hope to make several of your quilts.
    Michele in TN


  4. Hilary McDaniel

    So where is everyone finding the best price to buy the AccuquiltGo? Is it best to buy at their website? Amazon? Individual?? I want one but am confused as to where?
    thanks, Hilary





  6. Bonnie Gossett

    You are incredibly generous and I thank you so much. My e-mail address will soon change. I will send you an update. Again thank you so much.


  7. Sammie

    Thank you for sharing such valuable information. Very inspiring. I have the GO just have used it very much. I needed some structure and here it is.


  8. Pat

    I really enjoyed looking at your quilts. I will appreciate your patterns in the future when I have my new quilting/craft room set up in our new house. I have the whole den so I am buying a Studio. Hope to use your patterns to deplete my stash. TIA


  9. Margy

    Just wanted to say thank you for your generosity in sharing all your wonderful patterns. I have used your patterns and also been inspired by your site. Thanks again for sharing with all of us.


  10. Tina


    Thanks for compiling this list for us. I just bought my Go cutter and will have to purchase my dies slowly. I can now write myself a wish list and purchase the ones I want in the order of the quilts I want to make. I did get the chisel die and I am hoiping to figure out how to make a braid quilt with it. Any suggestions ?


  11. kittykatz

    I just got my Accuquilt Go. It was a present to myself for not smoking for a year. Quit after 55 years. I got most of the dies and plan to get the rest a little at a time. They are expensive but if you look around they have sales on them. I am really glad to see patterns used with the Go. They have a new conversion chart on their website that helps immensely. Thanks for your kind generosity of posting your patterns, kittykatz


  12. Jackie

    I couldn’t afford the GO but did manage to persuade hubbie to let me have the Baby Go in the New Year Sale on Shoppers Rule. I love it I can cut my fabric with a lot less pain but realise I will have to save up for her big brother!! Thank you for the patterns. I shall be making smaller scale quilts.


  13. Susan g

    Outstanding page of examples. Thank you for a wonderful display of your quilts. I’ve done two chisel die quilts and one tumbler. You’ve inspired me to branch out a lot more.


  14. I loved looking at your designs. I don’t have the EQ but I do have a go and numerous dies and love using it. I hope to keep up with all of you in the yahoo group. Thanks for all you do to help the quilting world.


  15. I loved seeing all of your designs. I don’t have EQ but I do have the GO and I use it all the time. I do custom sewing and make T_shirt quilts for customers. Sometimes I wish I had more time to create for myself. Thank you for all you do for the quilting world.


  16. I love your designs. I don’t have the EQ but I do have a GO and I love using it. I supplement my income by making T-Shirt quilts for customers and I use my Go all the time. Thank you for all you do for the Quilting world.


  17. Oh, Mary. Thank you! Such beautiful designs and so many ways to take advantage of the Accuquqilt Go! It is so nice of you to share your expertise in designing quilts. The EQ software is beyond me, so this is a wonderful help. Happy Quilting to you! Barb


  18. Jeanne

    Mary, you are an amazing, selfless woman! Thank you so much for sharing these – I have both EQ and the GO, so much fun is ahead!


  19. enriqueta

    muy bonitos sus diseños, pero mucho mejor el tener el deseo y compartirlo con todas nosotros, gracias por ese gesto de desprendimiento, que dios siempre la bendiga siempre. atentamente:
    Enriqueta Gutti.


  20. Your quilts are just wonderful. I started quilting in 2008 and while I have made a number of quilts I have not achieved that level of experience. I have the go and also use it to cut all or some of my blocks. I have a mc6600 Janome and do enjoy doing all my own quilting. Stop by my blog and see the slide show of my quilts. Love seeing what other yahoo group members do with the go. Just love your quilts.
    Sissy in Az.


  21. Christine

    Mary: Thank you for sharing this list. I have the Go and several of the dies. I have been getting dies that are harder to cut such as winding ways and drunkards path but have put the squares and triangles on my xmas list. I love your patterns and enjoy reading your blog.


  22. Betty G.

    Thank you for your beautiful patterns. I just recently purchased my GO and these are great projects. Thank you for being so generous with your talent.


  23. Bonita from FL

    You have a fabulous selection of ‘Go-Friendly’ quilts. I have 2 of my quilting buddies that let me use their go. Everything seems like a breeze with it. I only read 2 blogs everyday. One is yours and the other is crazymomquilts. Her name is Amanda Jean.


  24. marilyn durbin

    mary been away for a while sorry i always enjoyed you quilts made some for kids a an few i got for soldiers so i am pleased you are still around so please stay retired now so i can go more quilts yours are so pretty but easy and i need easy to understand so thanks made a lot of pillowcases for kids and soldiers too they loved them thanks marilyn


  25. Shirley Schepers

    Just happened upon your site. I have just purchased a GO and appreciate your ideas and patterns. Thank you! I find it confusing deciding which dies to buy and what they can be used for. You have answered a lot of questions.


  26. Jan Ward

    Good to see this. I have just purchased a go and some square and triangle dies. I love making quilts but finding the cutting really causes me problems with my hands.


  27. There’s one more to add to the above list — your “Quick Strippie” donation quilt design is also Go! compatible! As a “new to Go!” quilter, I often troll their website and noticed they had a “Stripe Power” pattern that’s similar to yours just using different size strips. However, when I checked your pattern, I realized all of your original strip sizes have a Go! die too!


    1. My Strippie’s been out there for years and I noticed a while back that a version of it had shown up on the Accuquilt site with different size strips.


  28. I love your quilts and make mostly scrappy quilts. Some for myself and some for my church charity. I follow your blog and WeddingDressBlue. I have been quilting for 30 years. Started after retirement. I am 87 yrs old and need inspiration to keep my life interesting. I also do hand applique, knit simple things, crochet, read books. Most of my friends have died but everyone needs younger friends to keep them inspired with life.


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